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Denture Services

Custom- $1195.00 per set ($597.50 each)
Our best and most popular. Natural appearing teeth. Your choice of tooth color, size and position. Made with high impact acrylic and hardened anatomical teeth. Comes with a wax-try-in*.

Basic Economy - $795.00 per set
Plastic teeth. Denture has a smooth finish.

Implant Dentures - $1,495.00 each

Rebase   $ 250 each
Soft reline    $ 325 each
Simple laboratory repairs  $  40 to $190
Cast Metal partials $ 765 each
   (2-3 Week Process)  
Plastic partials $ 425 each
   (Cosmetic Only )  

*Wax Try-ln. After the impressions for your new dentures are taken, a wax denture is made to approximate the way the finished dentures will look and come together. This way, you can try the dentures on before they are finally processed. This step checks for any bite problems you have, and also allows you to approve the cosmetics of the final denture to give you the desired "look." Once you are satisfied with the wax try-in, we will process and finish the denture.

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To make your appointment, call us between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Monday through Thursday at (816) 436-5405.

We would appreciate your consideration should an emergency arise and you need to reschedule your appointment. Please do let us know by calling the number above as soon as you are aware that there will be a change.

Dental Office closing October 29th, 2015

The Dental office of Dr Robert Borland, KC Denture Clinic, Located at 200 Northwest 72nd Street, Suite A, Gladstone, Missoure 64118, Telephone (816) 436-5405 is closing on October 29th, 2015.

At your request copies of your pertinent information from your records can be made available to a dentist of your choosing. If your wish to make a request regarding your record please contact the office before the permanent closing day as we shall need your written Authorization to make your records available to another dentist. After that day you may direct your inquify to:

Dr. Bruce Cummings
444 north Belleview Suite 200
Kansas City, Missouri 64116
Phone (816) 454-9090


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